Special Conditions for Universities

Special Conditions for Universities

What is it?

This cooperation program allows universities throughout the world to use www.encuestafacil.com totally free.

What does EncuestaFacil.com provide?

  • 1 Gold Package totally free of charge
  • 1 year of service
  • Unlimited no. of surveys
  • Unlimited no. of questions per survey
  • Unlimited no. of responses per survey
  • Use and enjoyment of 100% of the application's features
  • Unlimited use of profesionally-made templates
  • Access to your surveys and their results 24x7
  • Personalized attention
  • Secure storage

To join this program, you must meet the following criteria

  • Accredit being a University.
  • Accredit belonging to a University. Students, professors and employees must have an email address of the center or send us a proof that they belong to one of the centers.
  • Place a link on the home page of your university’s website to  www.encuestafacil.com  
  • In the results, mention that any study carried out used www.encuestafacil.com  as a technology provider (powered by encuestafacil.com).
  • The registration e-mail must belong to the university's domain.

Details of requirements

  • The link from your organization's website must be working and visible during the entire duration of the cooperation program.
  • If the link is erased, the cooperation program will be automatically cancelled.
  • At the end of the 1 year period, the cooperation program can be renewed if both parties so agree.

How to begin the cooperation program

  • Register, create an account with www.encuestafacil.com  (it is necessary to fill in all the data of the registry). The registration email must belong to the domain of the university
  • Add the following EncuestaFacil.com partner link in the home page of your institute's website.
    Encuestafacil.com. partner
  • Send an e-mail to [email protected]  with the following data:
    Name and address,
    NGO name,
    e-mail with which you have registered in
     www.encuestafacil.com, Contact Telephone.
    If you prefer, you can also contact us by telephone or from our website.
  • After we verify that the link placed on your NGO's website is in keeping with our needs, you account will be activated! We will then notify you in writing.