Perception of Violence Survey
Please take a moment to complete this brief survey in order to determine your perception of violence in [CITY NAME]. This survey will take aproximatelly 2 minutes.
1. How serious of a problem is crime in [city]?
2. How has the crime rate changed in [CITY] over the last three years?
3. How safe do you feel in [CITY]?
4. Police protection in [CITY] has…
5. Have you been a victim of a crime in the last 3 years in [CITY]?
6. Have you bought a fire arm to protect yourself against crime?
7. Do you have a dog to protect yourself against crime?
8. Please rate the following factors in according to which you think cause the most increase in crime. 1 being the least influential and 5 being the most influential.
Easy treatment on sentenced criminals
Lack of education for young people
9. What type of crime is most common in [CITY]
10. Which do you think are the most effective ways to reduce crime in your city? (1 being the less effective and 5 being the most efective).
Increase police presence
Leagalize drugs
Increase prison sentences
Supervise the activity of the city's minors
Enforce curfews on minors of age
The survey is now finished. Thank you for participating! is not responsible for the content sent and/or included in a survey/exam.

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